Monday, April 19, 2010

New blog stay tuned

...Well after a long time with no posts, be prepared, I'm moving my blog to, så stay tuned

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Resharper Quick Info View

By hitting the wrong key, I found a nice feature of resharper. By hitting Ctrl+q on almost every word you get an extended tooltip with information the “word”. For instance hitting an ITransaction for nhibernate you get:


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nhibernate Profiler – not displaying all statements? – Solution

Yesterday I made some integrationtests with nhibernate and NUnit. Suddenly I could not see all statements in the NHibernate Profiler, but sql statements was displayed in Visual Studio. A quick post to the NH Profiler support at google groups gave me the solution.

If the process that runs the query via NHibernate terminates too quickly not all statements will show up in the NHProfiler, but if you make the following call at the end:

   1: ProfilerInfrastructure.FlushAllMessages();

All statements will show up. For a test with NUnit as I had, I just placed the call in a TearDown method for the TestFixture, and vola now all statements are showed in the NHibernate Profiler.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two Approaches For Creating Aggregates in DDD

Tonight I´m working on a project where I try to implement DDD. One of the things my mind has worked on for a long time is how upo should make the communication between aggregates, Should it be lazy load, should I somehow store an ID for entities in anoter aggregate or how can I do it?

I just found this nice article showing two different approaches for exactly this topic here. I think I will try out both solutions and later thoose the one that best suites my needs and mind :)

If anybody have other approaches, please feel free to leave a comment.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Umbraco finally up and running – The Way I did it……

It’s getting late here in DK and it is almost 4 days since I wrote about my next technology journy, Umbraco CMS. And I finally managed to get it running on my local machine.

I started out getting the new webplatform installer for Umbraco, It just had to be the most simple way to get started for a developer new to umbraco. I’m running XP SP3 on my developer machine, and with this in mind some of the installation trouble I had might be caused of exactly that.

The webplatform installer did install on in IIS and created a db, but I never managed to get the IIS (5.1) on my machine running Umbraco, I tried a lot of different solutions, Uncle Google told me to, but no luck. Then finally I looked at Umbraco installation simplified. Wow this is just what I was looking for. This explains how to use the Cassine webserver for running and developing with Umbraco. I Followed the installation and almost got it up and running. One of the steps in the installation guide explains how to set up AJAX 1.0, but as I’m running .NET 3.5 I skipped this part…my bad. Ofcourse I got in trouble when I stated the Umbraco web install. I could'n’t find the correct version of System.Web.Extension. Quick question for Uncle Google pointed me to Umbraco-Codeplex where there are an updated web.config file for .NET 3.5 gotcha. Finally the installation could start and now I have just created my first sample site with Umbraco, sure hope things gets a little bit easier in the future, but as some of the sites about Umbraco says, the downside really is the documentation, you got my vote for that.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Start Of My CMS Era

So today is the where I’ve decided to start using CMS. Actually I have for a long period of time wanted to try out a CMS system, as I think it is a must to know one. Well at JAOO this year I saw a presentation of Umbraco, presented by Niels Hartvig. So the obviously choice of mine is Umbraco. Beside Umbraco I have looked at Joomla and Drupal, two great system based on PHP.

Well I have to make a chioce and for a start I decided to go with Umbraco. I will try to write some of my wxpirences as I go along the development of two, for the moment secret sites :).

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The simplicity pattern

Wow I wrote the word pattern, well a pattern for your brain that you must adopt imediatly. Every developer including myself tends to implement really cool, really complex solutions to every possible simple problem we can find. We just need to. Well I want to get rid of this “thing”. Try to keep both feeds to the ground at rethink what the solution should be to meet the customer.

During the current project i’m working on at work, I have been inspired by Domain Driven Design, DDD. well mr. DDD is quite a big topic to get started with and the question is maybe how and howmuch should you really adopt. Is it like SCRUM all or nothing to get value for money, after all new things comes at a price.

Yesterday I found this great DDD website. And somewhere deep inside I found a bundle of blogposts that wrap some of the DDD terms in a single well written PDF.

One part the is really interesting is the should you do DDD? after all it depends on the complexcity of the domain, and I think that if you just tries to implement some og the concepts you would automatically start to think in terms of DDD, and get some really nice brain-games, you start to thing and understand the business you are creating a solution for.