Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The simplicity pattern

Wow I wrote the word pattern, well a pattern for your brain that you must adopt imediatly. Every developer including myself tends to implement really cool, really complex solutions to every possible simple problem we can find. We just need to. Well I want to get rid of this “thing”. Try to keep both feeds to the ground at rethink what the solution should be to meet the customer.

During the current project i’m working on at work, I have been inspired by Domain Driven Design, DDD. well mr. DDD is quite a big topic to get started with and the question is maybe how and howmuch should you really adopt. Is it like SCRUM all or nothing to get value for money, after all new things comes at a price.

Yesterday I found this great DDD website. And somewhere deep inside I found a bundle of blogposts that wrap some of the DDD terms in a single well written PDF.

One part the is really interesting is the should you do DDD? after all it depends on the complexcity of the domain, and I think that if you just tries to implement some og the concepts you would automatically start to think in terms of DDD, and get some really nice brain-games, you start to thing and understand the business you are creating a solution for.

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